Chas Gunaratne

Strategic, Financial, Commercial & Risk Management Leader

About Me

Chas is an executive with 12 years’ experience in Finance across broad range of industries, with specialised experience in real estate investments, and funds management. Chas is a consultant who began his career at Ernst & Young, EY, before moving into private real estate investments a few years ago. Companies have benefited greatly from Chas’ applied skills and experience in the private real estate investment industry, especially around the efficiency of real estate investments and the application of key financial drivers to complex opportunities. His all-encompassing finance background also allows for greater efficiency in assessing potential targets and managing financial growth and investor returns.


Accession Capital Ltd (July 2018 – Current)

Accession Capital specialises in property and finance consulting (www.accessioncapital.co.nz).


  • Property advisory
  • Property syndication
  • Funds management
  • Asset and facilities management
  • Strategic modelling and growth management
  • Property due diligence
  • Financial modelling
  • Capital raising
  • Finance structuring
  • Development and project management
  • Reporting and communication


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