Seven Cash Flow Strategies

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has forced governments around the world to implement extreme lockdown policies. Although this has helped contain the virus, the impact on their economies and, more specifically, small to medium sized businesses, has been devastating. For business owners, the phrase “cash is king” has never been truer as they try to weatherContinue reading “Seven Cash Flow Strategies”

Australia & New Zealand Market Movers

The Australian market was in the red yesterday (ASX 200 Index -0.8%) as reporting season continues to drive some big individual share price moves. Wesfarmers shares were down slightly after the company reported a -69% fall in net profit for the 2020 financial year, to $1.7 billion. The previous year’s $5.5 billion net profit was boostedContinue reading “Australia & New Zealand Market Movers”

New Zealand’s Housing Market

KIWIS RETURNING HOME There are one million Kiwis overseas, including near 650,000 in Australia. Many have long-term plans to return to New Zealand and it is likely that many will choose to bring forward those plans in light of virus worries and lockdowns which have made us focus attention on our lifestyles and family. ReturningContinue reading “New Zealand’s Housing Market”

Where cheap properties are likely to be in Covid-19 aftermath via Tony Alexander

Until now, I’ve concentrated on the big-picture factors which will influence our housing markets through and beyond the Covid-19 crisis. To dig deeper and find particular pressure points, I sent a survey out last week to the near 250 real estate agents and mortgage brokers on the emailing list for my weekly publication. I askedContinue reading “Where cheap properties are likely to be in Covid-19 aftermath via Tony Alexander”

Top Corona Tips

The Government is putting things in place to help the country get through this period of uncertainty, which everyone should consider adopting if required. Secondly, there are a number of commercial strategies that I think business owners and investors should be looking at to soften the blow, or frankly, survive. I intend to keep thisContinue reading “Top Corona Tips”

COVID-19 and the economic path ahead – key takeouts

The economy is going into a deep but short-lived contraction. It’s going to be painful, but it is entirely necessary to avoid even worse health and economic outcomes further down the track. No one knows how deep the hole is or precisely how long it will take the economy to recover. But, the important pointContinue reading “COVID-19 and the economic path ahead – key takeouts”

Covid-19 crisis: what landlords need to know

While we will all need to be confined to our homes for, at least, the next four weeks, life will still go on. But, for landlords, there are many questions about what that means and how they can conduct their business in a practical manner. To help out, we’ve compiled a lengthy, but comprehensive, guideContinue reading “Covid-19 crisis: what landlords need to know”

First phase of Govt’s Covid-19 support package worth 4% of GDP; Includes wage subsidies, benefit increases and depreciation deductions for commercial and industrial buildings

The Government is pledging to inject $12.1 billion into the economy in what it called its “most significant peace-time economic plan in New Zealand history”. This is equivalent to 4% of gross domestic product (GDP), which is greater than the response to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. The bulk of funding – $5.1 billion – isContinue reading “First phase of Govt’s Covid-19 support package worth 4% of GDP; Includes wage subsidies, benefit increases and depreciation deductions for commercial and industrial buildings”

OCR reduced to 0.25 percent for next 12 months

The Official Cash Rate (OCR) is 0.25 percent, reduced from 1.0 percent, and will remain at this level for at least the next 12 months. The negative economic implications of the COVID-19 virus continue to rise warranting further monetary stimulus. Since the outbreak of the virus, global trade, travel, and business and consumer spending haveContinue reading “OCR reduced to 0.25 percent for next 12 months”

OCR Remains at 1.0%

Employment is at or slightly above its maximum sustainable level while consumer price inflation is close to the 2 percent mid-point of our target range. Low interest rates remain necessary to keep employment and inflation around target. Economic growth is expected to accelerate over the second half of 2020 driven by monetary and fiscal stimulus,Continue reading “OCR Remains at 1.0%”